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                    Kartell Stool Clear color,                   52.6 x 38.6 x 38.4 cm

Acrylic Candelabra

Chost chair 

Bar Chost stool

Acrylic Podiums 

                    Kartell Stool Blue color,                   52.6 x 38.6 x 38.4 cm

Different type of Seashells  

Crystal Candelyabra

Decorative Elements

Inflatable Star

Cogniac vase, Height - 60 cm and 35 cm

Martiny vase

Vintage Candelyabra

Crystal Candelyabra

Silver Candelyabra

Crystal Vase


Metal stands 

Podiums and Urns

'Mirror' Decor

Table Centerpiece -Metal stand, H - 95cm

Table Centerpiece-Metal stand 1.2x1m

Suspended Cake with Crystal

Suspended Cake Chandelier 

Paper Lanterns and FireProof Paper bag

LED Light 


LED Open Cubos

LED Coctail Table

LED Cubos

Custom Made Paper Flower

Decorative Elements for Cylinders

Clear glass urn, H-60cm

Cyliders different height 

Inflatable Ball Dia - 3m

LED Cubos with custom made pattern/logo

Crystal Candelyabra

Vintage stands

Metal Frame

Table Cloth

Fabric Drapery

White Inflatable Arch

Inflatable cone

Inflatable Mirror Ball, Dia - 1,5m

Mesh runner

Chair Bow different color

Table Cloth red

Wooden log

Wooden wine boxes


Jar with chalkboard

Customize Buxus wall

Rose wall

Blessing Arch 

Wedding Metal Arch

Wedding Gazebo

Mirror Gazebo


Wooden Wedding Arch

Hanging Teadrops

Vases Decorated with ribbon (any color)

Tealight Hanging Balls

Big Chandelier Silver

Chandelier Silver

Creative Decor for Cylinders

Buxus balls

Metal Tree

Crysal Chandelier

Creative Decor for Cylinders

Buxus balls

Vases Decorated with ribbon (any color)

Silver candle holder

Decorative bottle

Golden stands

Metal column H - 3m with any colour fabric cover 

Silver plastic decorative plate

Red plastic decorative plate

Golden pot H - 104 cm

Golden pot H - 75 cm and H- 68 cm

Golden pot dia - 51 cm and dia - 38 cm

Golden pot and  lantern

Arabic wooden table 

Golden Lantern H - 86 cm

Arabic carpet

Wooden  torches

Arabic decor elements

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